4 Reasons Why Seniors Should Exercise Regularly

It is a given fact that regular exercise is essential to keeping a healthy lifestyle, along with maintaining a nutritious diet and getting the right amount of sleep. However, many people are inclined to believe that with each passing year, they should take it easy and do less physical activity and exercise. This is where they have it wrong. Health experts advise—after multiple studies have shown—that senior individuals should engage in regular exercise, as it provides many benefits, including an extended lifespan. Alarmingly, however, only one in four people between the ages of 65 and 74 exercise regularly.

According to the National Institute for Aging, regular exercise is beneficial for people of any age, and can most especially ease symptoms of many chronic conditions for elderly people. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, lower levels of dexterity, weak movements, and poor balance are actually linked or attributed to lack of physical activity, rather than old age.

Whether you are a senior employing the services of in-home elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, or you are receiving care from an assisted living facility, it is important to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Reduces the Risk of a Stroke or Heart Attack
    Exercise that focuses on cardio—or simply cardiovascular exercises—such as cycling, brisk walking, swimming, or even light housework, helps to enable good and steady blood flow to the heart, lowering the risk of heart diseases. Cardiovascular exercise routines also work to increase the heart rate and keep the heart pumping blood healthily.
  • Prevents Falls, Slips, and Accidents
    Regular physical activity works to improve muscle strength and bone density, as well as improves balance. These, then, reduce the risk of falls and slips which can result in serious injury. The World Health Organization or WHO even say that regular exercise can reduce the risk of having a hip fracture by 40%!
  • Encourages Confidence and Independence
    Being in your senior years, especially when you are in an assisted living facility, or living at home under nursing care, may leave you feeling depressed or anxious about your current state. Regular exercise, however, helps to boost your confidence, which helps retain that feeling of independence.
  • Helps Reduce the Risk of Developing Dementia
    According to the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, sedentary lifestyles and lack of mentally stimulating activities in later years heighten the risk of developing dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. Regular exercise not only encourages physical activity but stimulates the brain as well, helping to prevent the disease.

KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care provides quality and efficient elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, which includes a wide range of services, including Exercise Care. We understand the importance of regular exercise to seniors’ overall quality of life, which is why we offer assistance and a specialized care plan in establishing an enjoyable exercise routine for seniors. This includes senior chair exercises, yoga, and Tai Chi, as well as stretching exercises.