5 Ways You Can Care for Your Face in Your Sixties

As one of the most reputable providers of elderly care in Herndon, Virginia?, allow us to ask this question: What does it mean to have a beautiful face during senior years? Does it mean being wrinkle-free?

Not exactly! It is natural (and inevitable) for old people to get wrinkles, especially on the forehead and under the eyes. There is no way you can avoid it unless you want to undergo surgeries. However, there are natural ways you can do to delay the formation of wrinkles.

KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care runs down some ways you can care for your skin in your sixties:

  1. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize
    The key ingredient to having great skin is to always keep in mind the three most important skincare rituals: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Observe the following steps in the morning and before you head to bed:

    • First, use a makeup remover or micellar water in removing any traces of makeup and dirt. Rinse it with a gentle facial wash and pat it dry using a clean face towel.
    • To make sure that no dirt is left and to prepare your skin for the moisturizer, dab a toner on your face.
    • The last step is to apply a moisturizer. This will help bring back any lost moisture.
  2. Protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun

    No matter what the season is, you are not safe from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. You just cannot feel it on rainy and cold days. As such, dermatologists highly recommend applying sunscreen when going out, regardless of the weather. Opt for the one that has an SPF of at least 30 and that is labeled broad spectrum protection. For an added protection during the hot days, use a cap (preferably wide-brimmed) and a pair of sunglasses.

  3. Drink enough water every day

    The skin is an organ and it is made up of cells. Just like other organs and cells, the skin also needs water. It is critical that you drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Not doing so can result in having dry and flaky skin. It can also make you prone to wrinkles.

  4. Leave bad vices

    Whether you are a chronic smoker or not, it is time to throw away the cigarettes. Studies show that smoking can make a person look older than their actual age. If it can make a person in their twenties look forty, how much more when they reach the age of sixty.

  5. Be smart in choosing skin care products

    Of course, you have to be careful and smart in choosing skin care products. Go for those that contain natural and organic ingredients. Also, check for reviews. To be safer, consult with a dermatologist first.

Beauty starts with acceptance. So, learn to embrace your age! Stay tuned for more senior health-related tips.

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