Elderly Safety: How to Evaluate Grab Bars at Home

The issues of falls at home are prevalent among seniors. There are many reasons why seniors fall, but these all point to one thing. Their safety is at risk the older they get.

As a provider of elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, we can help you preserve the safety of your aging family member. Aside from the companionship, we will also assist them in their everyday activities. When they always have someone ready to aid them, they can prevent falls better.

Along with that, you also need to install safety devices at home such as grab bars. These bars can help seniors to maintain their stand whenever a threat of fall occurs. Yet, there is still some more helpful information that you need to know about grab bars. Here are evaluation tips for your grab bars to ensure that your elderly loved one can hold on to them.

  • Ensure that you install grab bars at the right height

    The Americans with Disabilities Act prescribes the height bracket between 33-36 inches from the floor. This is the basic measurement in installing grab bars, but also put into consideration the specific needs of seniors. Because seniors have unique safety needs, the height for grab bars should also aim to meet these needs.

  • Grab bars should also meet the ideal length

    As a basic requirement, the length of grab bars should reach from an end of the wall to the other end. So, if your shower room is wide enough, it means that the grab bars are as long as the width.

  • Make sure that grab bars are fixed to their place in a firm manner

    As a provider of personal care in Virginia, we know that firm grab bars can support seniors better. To ensure this fixed position, grab bars should be connected to studs of the wall. If grab bars are connected to the studs, they have stronger hold to the wall.

  • Administer a yank-test to the grab bars installed at home

    This test is a simple way of testing whether the grab bar is holding strong. You need to yank the bar quickly and firmly to determine its strength. Your elderly loved one’s safety is at stake if you don’t ensure the strength of this hold.

  • Position the grab bar at the right place

    Positioning the grab bars depend on the specific needs of your aging loved one. For instance, if they are already wheelchair-dependent, you would want to place grab bars that is very reachable for them.

Whether your elderly loved one requires Nursing care or not, their safety is still your priority. Aside from grab bars, we can also help in assisting your elderly family members at home. If you need this kind of service, set an appointment with us at KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care. Our representative will answer your inquiries.

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