Getting Ready for Long-Term Care for Your Seniors

Realizing that a family member is going to require long-term care is never easy. For those who haven’t experienced being in this situation before, expect to feel fear, anxiety, and sadness – both for yourself and your loved one. Old age and health challenges greatly impact family dynamics and is often accompanied with the realization that you may no longer get to enjoy the things you love doing with your elderly loved ones. It’s these changes that really put a damper on your life and make you sad.

Whatever you’re feeling, however, it might not even come close to what seniors are going through as they prepare themselves for the long-term care transition.

As a renowned provider of elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care knows how important it is for families to adequately prepare themselves – body, mind, and spirit – for everything that long-term care entails.

Here are four steps to keep in mind:

  1. Choosing the right care arrangement

    To ensure that your loved one’s long-term care arrangement is off to a great start, you need to choose the right service. Do you think a residential care facility is best for your loved one? Would a nursing home be able to provide their needs? Perhaps, a home health care agency is the most suitable choice? Properly evaluating your loved one’s needs and making informed decisions will greatly boost a patient’s chances of living a high quality of life.

  2. Spending time with loved ones

    Even after choosing the right care arrangement, you must always make it a point to spend time with the people you love. Just because patients are receiving the best care they can possibly get, doesn’t mean they won’t miss their loved ones. There’s nothing like the love, care, and support provided by a family member, so make sure you do your part and give time to the seniors in your family.

  3. Being open to change

    The thing about aging is that it brings with it a lot of changes. If a care arrangement is working for your loved one right now, it doesn’t mean that’s going to be the case two years into the future. You and your loved one may already be used to the service an agency is providing, but if changes need to be made, make sure your current provider will take steps to meet them, otherwise, look for another one.

  4. Taking care into your own hands

    For long-term care to be a success, patients and their family members need to be able to take health care matters into their own hands. Choose an agency that also puts focus on patient education as part of their efforts to provide the best possible care.

If you’re in search of home health or personal care in Virginia, don’t hesitate to visit KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care.

What steps did your family take to get ready for long term care? We’d love to hear about them in the comment section.