How an Elderly Loved One Can Benefit from Nursing Care

Nurses form an integral part of the healthcare community. They provide different types of care services to secure the needs of every patient for faster recovery and easier execution of day-to-day activities. Not only can nurses work in hospitals, but they can also render their services in their patients’ residences. This is what we refer to as nursing care and seniors are the ones who can mostly reap its benefits.
To give you a clearer understanding, KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care lists down the benefits your elderly loved one can get from this type of care.

  • Access to reliable medical services at home

    If your senior loved one suffers from a chronic condition that requires extensive medical intervention, nursing care is the best option you got. Certified, licensed, and skilled nurses are readily available to assist your senior with their various medical needs, including but not limited to tube feeding, complex wound dressing, IV administration, and rehabilitation.

  • Immediate response to falls

    Leaving your seniors alone at home can increase their likelihood of injuries. The leading causes of which are trips and falls. In fact, falls dominate the cases of emergency room visits among the aged group. If no immediate response is obtained, the effects of falls can be fatal. Nursing care delivers round-the-clock supervision; thus, it ensures your elderly loved one gets immediate help not only in case of falls but also in other emergency situations, like food poisoning.

  • Maximized independence

    Due to old age and/or underlying health problems, everyday tasks can become physically and mentally dragging. However, helping your senior loved one does not entail doing everything FOR them, but rather WITH them. That is what nursing care exactly does. It maximizes independence by providing companionship to an elderly adult. Companionship encompasses the following:

    • encourage the senior to engage in physical activities to improve mobility and decrease the risk of falls
    • accompany the senior to social events
    • play crossword puzzles, chess, and other mentally stimulating games
    • open up meaningful conversations
    • help the senior with basic household chores
  • One-on-one and personalized skilled care

    What gives in-home nursing care an edge over other care options is the one-on-one approach it offers. A healthcare professional focuses on one patient only. Furthermore, they curate a care plan designed to deal with the specific needs of your senior.

  • An affordable alternative to hospitals

    Hospitals are costly, especially if it is intended for long-term. Day by day, you are charged with exorbitant fees for the room, use of tools and equipment, among others. In-home nursing care is a budget-friendly choice. Since the services are delivered right to your senior’s home, you can make use of the intended room rental fees for other equally important matters.

The best part about this type of care is that you are encouraged to take part in your senior’s health progress. Keep your elderly loved one safe and healthy by partnering up with a reliable provider of elderly care in Herndon, Virginia.