Quality Aging: How to Make Your Grandparent Smile

The moods of your grandparents can contribute to their quality of life. When they are cheered or happy, they will not hold their smiles back. So, if you have been intent on making your aging loved one smile, then you’re on the right track.

As a provider of personal care in Virginia, we also encourage you to find ways to cheer them. Seniors normally have joy in being with their loved ones. So your companionship and presence can be great gifts in making them happy. Would you like to make your grandparents smile? Read on because here are our suggestions.

  • Play up Some Music

    There is a universal calmness that music brings especially when it evokes wonderful memories. When you’re with your grandparent, consider playing their favorite songs and melodies. Either you sing together or dance a little; you will have better chances of lifting up their spirit with some good music.

  • Avoid Taking Over Them

    As a provider of elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, we know that you can be a little alarmed when your grandparent does things that can lead to falls. Because of this, you might have found yourself insisting that they stay put and you do the chores instead. Yet, not letting them do anything can reduce their sense of independence, and this can make them feel without worth. Instead, allow them to be independent, but be available to assist them only when necessary.

  • Help them Volunteer

    It is a human element when doing something good for others can make us happy. You can pass this happiness to your grandparent through volunteer activities. There will always be charitable organizations that they can partner with so they can be agents of good to others. When they know that they have done something with a purpose, their joy will be evident.

  • Play Mentally Stimulating Games

    Another way you can cheer up your grandparent is when you play with them. Select games that can also stimulate their cognitive abilities. Your options include scrabble, puzzles, or chess. This way, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. You enjoy together while their mental wellness is also promoted.

  • Engage in Conversations

    Our grandparents will have many stories to tell. They can harvest from their years of experiences and pass wise lessons to you. Allow them the opportunity to converse with you. Encourage them to also share their life experiences so that your time together can even be more productive.

Do you think the above suggestions work? We hope you can try them. If you also have additional suggestions, don’t hesitate to share these in the comment section. At KB Home Health Care Services – Northern VA Senior Care, your trusted provider of nursing care will be here to support you. Let us help you extend quality care to your grandparents.

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