As our elder’s age, it becomes more important than ever to maintain an active lifestyle. Through regular exercise, you significantly increase your chances of remaining independent, improving your overall energy, boosting your memory, managing pain, and warding off serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

In an assisted living facility, exercise programs focus on four critical areas of your health: strength, balance, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. Here are some of the top low-impact exercises you can enjoy in assisted living.


Maintaining proper balance is crucial for preventing potentially debilitating falls. In your assisted living community, you can take part in classes that help boost balance.

One also can seek guidance from one of the professional staff members as you perform individual exercises, including:

  • Alternate standing on one foot.
  • Standing and sitting without using your arms or hands.
  • Side leg raises while holding onto a chair.


Strength exercises are critical for maintaining your bone integrity and muscle mass, which can help you remain independent with the advancing age. Healthy muscles allow you to get up from a chair, carry your groceries to home and complete other important everyday activities.

Lifting weights are one of the best exercises for strength-building, helping you maintain a weight routine in your assisted living community. Begin with lighter weights and build to heavier ones as you get stronger. Experts advise that you should take part in strength exercises for 30 minutes at least twice weekly.


Many seniors encounter problems with joint mobility with advancing age. By taking part in exercises that promote flexibility, you increase your chances of retaining your range of motion.

In your assisted living facility, you will find exercise classes that enhance joint flexibility and health. Few great exercises to keep you flexible include stretching, pilates, and yoga

If you prefer to take part in stretching exercises on your own, do consult with a fitness expert to avoid injury. Proper warm-up before stretching is critical.

Aerobic Conditioning

If you enjoy group exercise classes, you will find opportunities in your assisted living community to keep your heart healthy through aerobic activities. Getting your heart rate up on a daily basis also makes everyday activities easier, helping you preserve your independence.

Health experts endorse at least half an hour of moderate-intensity exercise every day. In your assisted living community, you can take part in exercise classes, walk on charming outdoor paths, dance and take part in other activities to get your heart pumping. For people just getting started, take it slow, and ask for help if you feel like it.

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